Built by the Dodge brothers, Steven and Glenn, Bent Ridge Winery, Bent Nail Brewery and Fuego at Bent Ridge is encapsulated with the eclectic mix of people, destinations and events that helped shape their lives.

The small batch winery and craft brewery is located in the middle of Nova Scotia's most popular apple u-pick orchards, offering an escape and a great way to spend an hour or an afternoon.​

Growing up, Steven and Glenn were always playing by their own rules. Whether it was running from a pack of charging bulls, hitchhiking across the province or “borrowing” Dad's car for an adventurous road trip, the Dodge brothers never let convention deter them from enjoying life.

Their knack from leading each other astray but also having each other’s back is the sewn into the very fabric of Bent Ridge Winery and Bent Nail Brewery.

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