Founded in 1979, Domaine de Grand Pré is the oldest farm winery in Atlantic Canada. The Swiss-born Stutz family re-opened the winery in 2000 and remain passionately committed to developing wines made from grapes ideally suited to Nova Scotia’s climate and landscape.

During your visit to Domaine de Grand Pré, you can enjoy a tasting of their award-winning wines and browse their wine shop, which showcases many wine-related gift ideas alongside the winery’s impressive selection of wines. Domaine de Grand Pré is also home to the top-ranked restaurant, Le Caveau, where you can experience seasonally-inspired and locally-sourced cuisine while savouring their fine vintages.


The on-site vineyard is also open to the public and, you are welcome to take a stroll through their lush vineyards to the Grand Pré UNESCO Heritage Site view plane.