Lightfoot & Wolfville believes that the best wines are the result of a deep connection between PEOPLE & PLACE. They believe great wine is grown by farmers and viticulturists respectful of the land’s particular gifts and energies. That management of a vineyard in harmony with nature allows for maximum expression of its unique individuality.​

Their 40 acres of vines are planted on two distinct sites along the shores of the Minas Basin, an inlet of the Bay of Fundy, where hilly slopes extend the frost free period and provide excellent exposure. Natural airflow and incessant saltwater breezes off the basin provide an important moderating effect, especially critical during the winter months when temperatures dip below freezing.

Lightfoot & Wolfville's commitment to regenerative agriculture practices is driven by a duty to protect and promote the vitality of their soils for future generations, and has led them to successfully pursue organic certification through Ecocert Canada and biodynamic certification by Demeter Canada.Minimal-intervention vinification from healthy, balanced fruit allows Lightfoot & Wolfville to produce distinct wines that faithfully convey the purest sense of time and spirit of place.

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